Better Together

by Joanie Butman


At a family dinner last night, my nephew’s five-year-old son arrived, walked over to the chips and guacamole, and dug in with gusto. After having his fill, he turned to me and commented, “Wow. This party is already better than I imagined it was going to be!” I laughed and thought, “Wait till he sees the LED rockets I brought.”


It may seem like a gross oversimplification, but I’ve had and seen the same reaction from new Christians. So many people think choosing to become Christian will be boring, leaving ‘good times’ behind. For some, what defines ‘good times’ may change, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Even so, life with Christ is always better than we imagine. Not only that, there are always surprises waiting to be discovered – divine LED rockets He’s designed simply to bring us joy. The same way I relished watching the delight those rockets brought to Finn and his sister, God feels the same when He witnesses us appreciating His blessings. Furthermore, much like we were eager to share our Manhattans and cake with the neighbors, we are meant to share Christ’s love and joy with others – multiplying our own in the process.

Life with Christ is cause for celebration regardless of our circumstances. His presence doesn’t guarantee a trouble-free life – quite the opposite. However, it does change how we experience good times and bad – both are definitely better together.